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Data Mining / Analytic Software News, Mar 2011


  • 11Ants Model Builder - Mar 30, 2011.
    Build predictive models that anybody in your organization can deploy in Microsoft Excel. No integration or custom coding required. Free trial.
  • ISMIS 2011 Contest Results: Music Information Retrieval - Mar 29, 2011.
    The competition attracted 292 teams with 357 members, and 150 teams actively participated, submitting over 12,000 solutions in total, largely outperforming baseline methods
  • Getting in shape for Data Competition - Mar 28, 2011.
    This talk will be interesting to many who plan to participate in Heritage Health Prize, Kaggle, KDD-2011 or other data mining/analytics competitions
  • Canada Open Data Pilot Project - Mar 25, 2011.
    The government of Canada made its data available for both non-commercial and commercial use. Data covers areas such as health, environment, agriculture, and natural resources.
  • Awesome: Data Science Toolkit - open tools for data - Mar 25, 2011.
    Data Science Toolkit is a collection of many useful geolocation and text mining APIs, such as Street Address to Coordinates, File to Text, or Text to People. You can grab the entire site as a free self-contained server which can run on Amazon EC2.
  • Elastic-R: Collaborative Environment for Data Analysis in the Cloud - Mar 23, 2011.
    Elastic-R is a cloud-based portal, which works with R and lets users to collaborate, share and reuse functions, algorithms, R sessions; and to perform elastic distributed computing.
  • Blaze Statistics Software - Mar 22, 2011.
    a small but highly useful statistical app for researchers, managers, analysts and students, focused on common tasks such as creating histograms, generating descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing.
  • KNOWLEDGE GRID: A service-oriented data mining framework on Grids - Mar 18, 2011.
    allows for the distributed execution of data mining algorithms and KDD applications on Grids through the use of WSRF Web Services. New version is fully service-oriented and each data mining task or workflow is implemented as one or a set of services.
  • Heritage Health Prize Will Include $230,000 in Progress Prizes - Mar 15, 2011.
    The progress prizes will be $50K to the top two teams after 6 months, $80K to the top two teams after 12 months, and $100K to the top two teams after 18 months.
  • Cloudnumbers looking for beta users - Mar 13, 2011.
    Cloudnumbers.com, a platform for computationally intensive calculations in the cloud, is looking for beta users to test its R environment.
  • RKWard - IDE for R-language - Mar 5, 2011.
    it provides a convenient user-interface and integration with an office-suite.
  • Analytics Training India Competition: Propensity Modeling - Mar 4, 2011.
    build a propensity model to score leads generated from various online sources present in a CRM system.
  • Call for Research Proposals: Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior - Mar 4, 2011.
    seeking research proposals that will stimulate new thinking and impactful research on "Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior." We anticipate awarding 4-8 grants ranging from $2,000-$10,000 to support high-quality empirical research.
  • Kaggle Competitions Update - Mar 3, 2011.
    2 new competitions launched: identify handwriting and avoid overfitting.
  • RStudio: integrated development environment for R - Mar 1, 2011.
    a new, free and open-source IDE for R, combining an intuitive user interface with powerful coding tools. It is available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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