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Data Mining / Analytic Software News, Oct 2012


  • BigML First Marketplace for Predictive Models - Oct 27, 2012.
    Data scientists can create predictive models and share them for free or at a set price. Black box models can only be used for predictions, while white box models can also be viewed or cloned.
  • StatSoft offers free software to struggling European Countries (c comments) - Oct 20, 2012.
    StatSoft is offering STATISTICA Enterprise(TM) solutions (including Big Data Predictive Analytics Platform) at no charge to companies in countries most affected by the European economic downturn: Greece, Portugal, and Spain.
  • IPython Notebook environment for Data Science (c comments) - Oct 16, 2012.
    IPython Notebook is an open-source, web-based interactive computing environment which enables the data scientist to build documents that combine code, text, formulas, visualizations and more to create interactive, documentable, and shareable reports.
  • SiteCharm: Real-time Website Analytics - Oct 11, 2012.
    SiteCharm converts massive amounts of web data into real-time visual displays that show you how customers are flowing through your website.
  • Self-Service Analytics with Lavastorm Desktop Public - Oct 5, 2012.
    Download your free copy of Lavastorm Desktop Public - a powerful and easy to use analytics tool, and begin to conduct your data analysis with ease.
  • 11Ants Analytics Predictor for Microsoft SQL Server - Oct 4, 2012.
    11Ants Predictor for Microsoft SQL Server is a high speed scoring engine for deploying predictive models to Microsoft SQL Server, enabling users to easily deploy predictive models built with 11Ants Analytics desktop modeling tools.

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