About Seth Grimes

Seth Grimes is an analytics strategy consultant with Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation. He is founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit (2005-13), the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, and the LT-Accelerate conference. He is the leading industry analyst covering text analytics and sentiment analysis.

Seth Grimes Posts (12)

  • Ten Take-Aways from IBM World of Watson - 14 Nov 2016
    “Enterprise applications, Cloud, Cognitive computing and IBM Watson”, Yes, you guessed it right. This article talks about highlights of 2016 World of Watson conference organised at Las Vegas,NV.
  • What is emotion analytics and why is it important? - 19 Oct 2016
    In today’s Internet world, humans express their Emotions, Sentiments and Feelings via text/comments, emojis, likes and dislikes. Understanding the true meanings behind the combinations of these electronic symbols is very crucial and this is what this article explains.
  • NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Consumer and Market Insights at SAS16 - 05 Jul 2016
    The next Sentiment Analysis Symposium (the premier industry event) takes place July 12 in New York. Register today with your 10% KDnuggets discount!
  • An Inside Update on Natural Language Processing - 28 Jun 2016
    This article is an interview with computational linguist Jason Baldridge. It's a good read for data scientists, researchers, software developers, and professionals working in media, consumer insights, and market intelligence. It's for anyone who's interested in, or needs to know about, natural language processing (NLP).
  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York City, July 12, CFP, Early Bird - 04 Mar 2016
    2016 Sentiment Analysis Symposium will examine the business value of sentiment, opinion, and emotion in our big data world. Submit your proposal to speak by March 15 or use early-bird rates until Apr 2.
  • An Inside View of Language Technologies at Google - 29 Oct 2015
    Learn about language technologies at Google, including projects, technologies, and philosophy, from an interview with a Googler.
  • 11 things to know about Sentiment Analysis - 13 Aug 2015
    Seth Grimes, a text analytics guru, shares 11 key observations on what works, what is past, what is coming, and what to keep in mind while doing sentiment analysis.
  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York City, July 15-16 - 30 Jun 2015
    2015 Sentiment Analysis Symposium is a dream event for data scientists and analysts working in text, social, and emotion analytics. Get discount with code KDNUGGETS.
  • Text Analytics 2015 – Technology and Market Overview - 30 Mar 2015
    A leading analyst and expert on text analytics gives an overview of the past year and looks ahead on text analytics technology and market developments.
  • The Analytics of Digital Transformation, according to TCS - 17 Nov 2014
    Lipika Dey, in this interview before her talk at next month's LT-Accelerate conference, discusses consumer and market analytics and techniques to extract actionable information from text and social media data.