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  • Kreditech: Junior Data Scientist/Business Analyst - Jul 31, 2014.
    Help build and shape credit scoring 2.0, perform advanced business analysis and forecasting on a wide range of problems.
  • Booking (Amsterdam): Data Scientist - Jul 31, 2014.
    Help steer the improvements of our products, give strategy perspective to our teams, and provide business understanding to the organization based on your data analysis.
  • Microsoft: SDE Student – Xbox Recommendation - Jul 30, 2014.
    Responsibilities include data mining of large datasets using map-reduce technologies, using statistical methods to find patterns in data, coming up with hypothesis and using data to validate them.
  • Microsoft: Principal Data Architect – Protection Services - Jul 30, 2014.
    The Big Data Architect is responsible for ensuring that Protection data assets are supported by the right data architecture, data models and standards to achieve our strategic goals.
  • Kreditech: Data Scientist, Business Analyst - Jul 30, 2014.
    Responsible for performing advanced business analysis and forecasting on a wide range of problems, from debt collection performance to customer experience optimization.
  • Kreditech: Data Scientist, Web Analytics - Jul 30, 2014.
    Perform advanced business analytics over web traffic to optimize customer experience on our online platform, and analyze complex interactions to maximize marketing ROI campaigns across different platforms/channels.
  • Adobe: Manager – Algorithms / Machine Learning, 30834 - Jul 29, 2014.
    Lead the Algorithms and Data Sciences group, help build the next generation of products that will allow digital marketers to maximize revenue and expand their brand presence.
  • Bosch Research and Technology Center: Data Mining Engineer – Big Data Infrastructure - Jul 25, 2014.
    Bringing together disparate technologies to help solve business problems in Purchasing, Predictive Maintenance, Health Informatics, Vehicle Diagnostics, and other domains.
  • Ontotext USA: Director of Solutions Architecture - Jul 24, 2014.
    Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies allowing organizations to extract meaning from unstructured data. The Director will lead our efforts to acquire new customers and support existing ones in North America.
  • Autodesk: Marketing Data Scientist - Jul 23, 2014.
    Designing, developing, and fielding data mining solutions that have direct and measurable impact on Autodesk Marketing effectiveness.
  • Allen Institute: Asst. Investigator – Computational Neuroscience/Machine Learning - Jul 23, 2014.
    Our mission is to accelerate the understanding of how the human brain works. Using a big science approach, we generate public resources, drive technological advances, and discover fundamental brain properties.
  • DueDil: Front-end Engineer, Analytics - Jul 22, 2014.
    Devise and implementing activity tracking, design insights-driven features, implement controlled experiments and help understand user behavior and improve the product.
  • Swisscom: Data Scientist - Jul 22, 2014.
    Make sure that Swisscom is always a step ahead - use state-of-the-art techniques to provide game-changing insights from huge data sets.
  • Affinio: Sr. Software Engineer, Machine Learning and Big Data - Jul 22, 2014.
    Join award-winning Affinio machine learning and big data team to design, plan and develop big-data driven prototypes for new and augmented products.
  • Microsoft: Data Scientist - Jul 21, 2014.
    Do exciting Machine Learning in the Cloud! Join a fast paced data science team in the Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise organization building machine learning powered intelligent web services.
  • Starcom-Novartis: Measure Manager - Jul 17, 2014.
    Responsible for ongoing analysis of business data, syndicated media data, digital data, primary research studies, and client business metrics.
  • Apple: Senior Developer and Architect – Maps Services - Jul 16, 2014.
    Support and grow backend services that support Apple Maps. Ideal candidate would have experience with system architecture, design, implementation, and testing of individual components but also be comfortable with multiple scripting languages.
  • Starcom (SMG Performance Marketing): Analyst, Advanced Analytics - Jul 16, 2014.
    Be a major contributor of the design, development and on-going maintenance of all advanced analytics and tool building for clients across all media types, working towards the development of a data-driven analysis approach.
  • Disney | ABC TV Group: Principal Data Scientist - Jul 15, 2014.
    Design and manage the execution of data analysis and modeling projects aimed at solving high-impact business problems for Disney/ABC TV group media networks.
  • Unity Technologies: Big Data Backend Engineer - Jul 15, 2014.
    This position offers the unique opportunity of building a data intelligence platform on top of an existing but untapped dataset of unprecedented size and fidelity.
  • Modern Analytics: Senior Analytics Consultant - Jul 11, 2014.
    This full-time consulting role provides thought leadership and hands-on support for day-to-day analytic operations to key clients. San Diego, CA.
  • Modern Analytics: Intermediate Statistician/SAS Programmer - Jul 11, 2014.
    This full-time consulting role works closely with clients during the development and implementation of statistical, score-based, and empirical models to provide high-quality statistical modeling support. San Diego, CA.
  • D50 Media: Senior Tableau Developer - Jul 10, 2014.
    Working with industry leading clients, use large data sets to build visual representations of the data to measure campaign performance and make data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Pew Research Center: Director, Pew Research Center Labs - Jul 10, 2014.
    Lead the creation of Labs that will provide the expertise to experiment with new data sets and seek out new research methods and opportunities that complement and expand our traditional research agenda.
  • Salford Systems: Marketing Statistician - Jul 3, 2014.
    Passionate and enthusiastic about statistics and analytics, enjoy solving problems and creating educational content, have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with technical and marketing departments.
  • A Malta technology startup: Data Scientist - Jul 3, 2014.
    Looking for a Data Scientist who is an analytical, statistics loving, number cruncher who is driven and likes to work with technology, statistics, mathematics and business.
  • Booking: Data Scientist - Jul 2, 2014.
    Help steer the improvements of our products, give strategy perspective to our teams, and provide business understanding to the organization based on your data analysis.
  • BlueJeans: Senior Data Analyst – Business Insights - Jul 1, 2014.
    Do you like to think out of the box? Do you have a passion for analytically-based business decisions? If so, then consider a career move to Blue Jeans in Mountain View.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Sr. Big Data Engineer /Architect - Jun 30, 2014.
    A talented, energetic individual with demonstrated excellence in delivering robust solutions based on leading-edge technologies in the field of big data analytics, with experience working with very large, distributed, high-performance systems.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Predictive Modeler / Data Scientist - Jun 30, 2014.
    BehaviorMatrix is a digital media analytics company that applies proprietary behavioral analysis to Big Data in order to provide unique insights to advertisers, product managers, investors, political campaigns, and others.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Data Scientist - Jun 30, 2014.
    A strong candidate would be highly interdisciplinary, with experience in data mining, machine learning, statistics, business analytics, and computational linguistics, as well as extensive programming experience, but flexibility and ability to learn is more important than any particular skill.
  • Amazon (Bangalore): Machine Learning Scientists - Jun 24, 2014.
    We are looking for talented and experienced Machine Learning Scientists (Ph.D. preferred) who can apply innovative Machine Learning techniques to real-world e-Commerce problems.
  • Amazon: BI Engineer, Worldwide Advertising - Jun 20, 2014.
    Amazon Clicks will be launching a new product offering, extending the existing platform to address a sizable opportunity. Be part of the founding of a global product with huge potential.
  • Amazon: Business Intelligence Engineer, Sponsored Products - Jun 20, 2014.
    Turn operational data into business insights and directions. Partner with the business team to lead the transformation across both global operational management and new product development.
  • Amazon: Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon Advertising Platform - Jun 20, 2014.
    Support relevant advertising to shopping customers by providing audience, platform and product insights. Be a part of a high visibility, strategic team.
  • Amazon: Business Intelligence Engineer, Display Marketing - Jun 20, 2014.
    Provide data-driven customer and performance insights for our mobile and web digital advertising programs. Validate our success metrics, shape our strategies, and identify untapped opportunities.
  • Bosch RTC: Research Engineer – Big Data Systems - Jun 19, 2014.
    The RTC Data Science team develops novel machine learning and data mining algorithms, especially for large scale data analytics and provides thought leadership on Big Data frameworks, architecture and data management.
  • Netflix: Senior Data Scientist, Streaming Science & Algorithms - Jun 18, 2014.
    Join Streaming Science and Algorithms team, find ways to improve the streaming Quality of Experience using algorithms applied to big data.
  • DST: Big Data Platform Architect - Jun 16, 2014.
    Support Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists by implementing analytic and sampling jobs in MapReduce and build new products by building large scale ETL processes and high performance architectures.
  • DST: Machine Learning Scientist - Jun 16, 2014.
    Work closely with Data Scientists to identify and tune analytic algorithms, and work closely with Data Platform Engineers to deploy analytic jobs against Hadoop and other massive data stores.
  • SAP: Senior Data Scientist - Jun 16, 2014.
    Apply machine learning to glean real time intelligence from the largest trading partner network on the planet. Work on internet scale optimization problems and solve complex business problems with a smart and passionate team.
  • CollegeBoard: Research Analyst II - Jun 14, 2014.
    Join our Research division to support statistical analysis, data manipulation, mapping, visualization, and research.
  • AirProducts: LEAD SYSTEMS ENGINEER – Applied Statistics and Data Sciences - Jun 13, 2014.
    Do technical studies involving process/product development or a business decision through the combination of modeling, optimization and computational data-based techniques.
  • Thomson Reuters: Data Scientist (Data Innovation Lab) - Jun 13, 2014.
    Seeking a passionate Scientist as of the founders of the Data Innovation Lab. Looking for a proven record of building data-driven insights to address complex business problems.
  • LivingSocial: Data Scientist - Jun 11, 2014.
    Delivering insightful solutions to complex problems to impact the next generation of products at LivingSocial. Analyzing enormous volumes of data on customers, merchant offers and channels, and developing advanced statistical algorithms to solve unique problems.
  • Megaputer Intelligence: Data Analysis Consultant - Jun 9, 2014.
    Create data analysis and reporting solutions for Megaputer customers with the help of PolyAnalyst(tm) platform: experimental, proof-of-concept, implementation, and production projects. Develop successful long-term relationships with customers.
  • The Doctors: Manager, Marketing Data & Analytics - Jun 8, 2014.
    Managing all market data analysis and reporting systems and activities for the enhancement of market insights, demand generation campaigns, and retention analytics.
  • Stanford University: Data Analyst - Jun 6, 2014.
    Work with wide-range of challenges by analyzing unique expenditure datasets, produce insights to help reduce spending and improve reimbursements, payments, and contractors payments.
  • Apple: Sr. Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Jun 5, 2014.
    Apply advanced techniques and algorithms to improve an ad network, develop and implement ad algorithms, yield optimization solutions and network data processes, deep understanding of the ad network behavior.
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