Data Mining / Analytic Competitions News, Jan 2013

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  • CrowdAnalytix: Predicting likelihood of Online purchases - Jan 30, 2013.
    The goal of this modeling contest is to predict the likelihood of online purchases using visits and purchases ecommerce data. Prizes for the Top 5 contestants on the private test set leaderboard.
  • Innocentive: Creative Use Cases of Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge - Jan 26, 2013.
    New use cases for Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge content, tools, and APIs to enable users to engage in creative new behaviors.
  • IEEE Geospatial Data Fusion Contest - Jan 21, 2013.
    The Contest, which helps connecting students and researchers around the world, evaluates existing methodologies at the research or operational level to solve remote sensing problems using data from various sensors.
  • BioNLP Shared Task: Text Mining for Biology Competition - Jan 19, 2013.
    The BioNLP Shared Task series represents a community-wide trend in text-mining for biology toward fine-grained information extraction (IE). Datasets are now available.
  • GEQuest: 2 Big Data Science Quests on Kaggle - Jan 18, 2013.
    GEQuest: focusing on making flying more efficient, and improve the patient experience, 2 big quests have $350,000 in prizes, and are a great opportunity for Data Scientists, Data Visualizers, Lean Startups, and App Designers to show their stuff. Hurry - deadlines in February!
  • SBP 2013: Big Data Challenge - Jan 17, 2013.
    MIT Human Dynamics laboratory will supply several mobile datasets with dynamics of several communities. Open-ended challenge includes proposing applications to demonstrate the value of these datasets, how to extend the experiments, and agent-based or system dynamics models of the communities.
  • Innocentive: Repurpose Data Gathered By Vehicles - Jan 11, 2013.
    Who could make value out of data gathered by commercial vehicles? The Seeker requires proposals describing the usage, the beneficiary and the type of data. This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award.
  • ECML/PKDD 2013: Call for Discovery Challenges - Jan 7, 2013.
    Call for Proposals for 15th Discovery Challenge, organized in conjunction with ECMLPKDD 2013, the premier Machine Learning and Data Mining venue in Europe. Submissions due Jan 27.
  • Increasing efficiency of generating statistically relevant control group data - Jan 2, 2013.
    How can the efficiency of randomized controlled clinical trials be increased by reducing the number of patients needed in control groups?