ECML/PKDD 2013: Call for Discovery Challenges

Call for Proposals for 15th Discovery Challenge, organized in conjunction with ECMLPKDD 2013, the premier Machine Learning and Data Mining venue in Europe. Submissions due Jan 27.

We are calling for proposals for 15th Discovery Challenge, organized in conjunction with ECML/PKDD-2013ECMLPKDD 2013, the premier Machine Learning and Data Mining venue in Europe taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, September 23th to 27th, 2013. Discovery Challenge provides an annual venue for the community to focus on challenges emerging from some particular dataset and domain, offering opportunities to experiment and get creative with different machine learning methods, and to discover new research problems and valuable nuggets of knowledge about the problem domain.

The past challenges have ranged from exploratory data analysis to well-defined prediction tasks, often comprising both open-ended data mining as well as specific machine learning tasks, and many different domains have used in the past challenges. While the call for discovery challenges is not limited in terms of possible topic areas, tasks or data domains, the proposal should address the following aspects of the challenge:

Topics & tasks: What are the tasks? What are their scientific and technical merits as well as practical significance? Are they suitable for various levels of expertise and experience, or do they have particular requirements in order to be truly meaningful or feasible? Do they foster bringing together people with different backgrounds and competencies? Are there opportunities to make difference, such as making the world a better place, spawn new industries, stimulate ECML PKDD community with new research topics, and so on?

Domain & data source: Is the data source substantial and interesting (in size, information content, or otherwise)? Is the data already available publicly, or will it be released later? Does the dataset already exist or is it to be created? What are the terms of using it?

Evaluation & feedback: How the submissions for different tasks will be evaluated? How the participants will benefit from the feedback? Will the feedback be generated by automated evaluation pipeline, dedicated program committee, or is there requirement for the participant to provide peer feedback? How the participants can provide feedback to the organizers and how that could improve the engagement and outcomes? How the best submissions would be recognized?

Organization & execution: What would be the rough timeline for the challenge? When all the necessary materials for the challenge (instructions, datasets, ...) could be published? What is the proposed organizing committee for the challenge? What kinds of resources the proposed challenge requires and can the organizing committee address all of them or are there dependencies or needs beyond the organizing committee?

It would be also interesting to learn why you would be interested to organize the challenge. Please submit to you proposal to

The submission deadline is January 27th.