Best Analytics Companies to work for

The list of "best companies to work for" is led by Google and SAS, but there are relatively few other analytics-related companies on the list. Why is that?

Fortune magazine came up with a list of 100 Best companies to work for, and although analytics and data mining play a key role in the the top 2 companies - Google and SAS, there were relatively few analytics related companies among the remaining 100. Here are the companies from the top 100 with some analytics connection.

1. GoogleGoogle


4. The Boston Consulting Group


22. Intuit

47. Deloitte

75. Microsoft

Here is the full list.

The sector with largest number of companies was Professional Services, with 9 entries.

If data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century, why are there so few analytics-related companies on the top 100 list ?

Perhaps analytics jobs are like raisins in the cake and work in small groups - recent research indicates that 80% of analytics professionals work in small groups of 11 people or less.

Also, most analytics-focused companies are too small for Fortune list (smallest company on that list had 1,440 employees).