Causata Customer Experience Platform offers Omni-Channel Offer Management, uses Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling

New machine learning and improved predictive modeling capabilities help analysts and marketers act on terabytes of data for customer segmentation and real-time decisioning.

San Mateo, Calif. (PRWEB) February 05, 2013.
Causata unveiled an updated Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform and a new set of purpose-built, industry-specific applications that enable faster and more efficient omni-channel marketing decisions. With the addition of a new class of machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics dashboards, and pre-loaded industry applications, Causata offers a Big Data CXM solution that can deliver greater value more quickly than traditional, rules-based, costly alternatives.

Causata works with B2C companies to drive more personalized and ultimately more effective digital customer interactions, including content decisions and offers. By bringing together customer data from web, email, mobile, CRM and other marketing and service channels, Causata links terabytes of customer interactions to instantly assess customer patterns, predict future behavior, and recommend the next best actions.

Machine Learning for Better Decisioning
Causata debuts patent-pending Machine Learning capabilities that deliver a breakthrough in the realization of a scalable, non-black box and secure automated decision engine. Causata's new class of Reinforcement Learning techniques can be applied to all sources of omni-channel customer data, and users can set up and optimize campaign goals to their specific needs. With Causata, marketers and analysts have a more powerful way to automate and continuously improve their multi-channel offer management campaigns than by building, retraining and executing offline predictive models.

Exploration and Pathing for Omni-Channel Analysis
This new capability enables analysts to easily identify and visualize the most common customer paths and predictive variables in order to drill down and assess customer motivations and actions. This extremely powerful tool can analyze actions across thousands or millions of customers and multiple channels. Analysts can easily identify scenarios where customers typically "churn" or drop-out of a selling process and where acquisition or cross-selling opportunities are most successful.

Improved Predictive Modeling
Causata has improved the profiling and predictive modeling process for users.

  • Causata Explore allows users to create and assess new customer micro-segments on the fly while navigating and analyzing customer data;
  • Causata's open source R Package allows modelers to focus on high value predictive modeling tasks instead of spending a majority of their time accessing and cleansing customer data, without ever leaving their R modeling environment;
  • R Models can be operationalized within Causata to generate up-to-date, real-time predictive customer scores and profiles in less than 50 milliseconds as customers interact across multiple channels;

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