Analytics Education Boom – Trends and Overview

We review the state of Data analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science education in the USA and online. The US Education MS Analytics Degree boom started in 2012, but how will it compete with free online education?

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Analytics Education in the Era of Big Data.

First, a note on terminology. Different names like "Data Mining", "Predictive Analytics", "Data Analytics", "Data Science", "Business Analytics", "Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD)" are used to describe this field, the essence of which is analyzing data and finding useful patterns. Different names convey somewhat different emphasis, and we will point this distinction when appropriate.

Some of the terms like "Knowledge Discovery" have become less fashionable over the years, and others like "Data Science" and "Data Analytics" have become much more fashionable - see Google Trends chart comparing "data mining", "predictive analytics", "data analytics", "data science", "business analytics".

MS in Analytics Programs (USA) - Year started

For simplicity, we will refer to this field as "Data Analytics".

"Big Data" is also a related term, although it covers also many other aspects like storage and security and cloud infrastructure which are not part of analytics.

Web and Social network are one of the most important application areas of analytics - here is a compilation of useful resources for Google Analytics and Web analytics. However, proper education in Analytics needs to go far beyond Google Analytics.

Education in Data Analytics is in big demand, and this trend especially accelerated in 2012, as seen in the chart above.

The table below lists the main US degree programs in Data Analytics. We note that "Business Analytics" is the most popular degree name, and these programs are quite expensive. How will they compete with free education available online?

Institution US State Program Name Online Option? Length (months) Cost Year Started
Bentley MA MS In Marketing Analytics no 12 to 18 $65,000 2009
Berkeley CA Master of Engineering no 10 na 2013
CCSU CT MS in Data Mining yes 24 na 2001
CMU PA Master of Information Systems Management no 16 na 2011
Columbia NY MS, concentration in Machine Learning part 24 na 2012
DePaul IL MS in Predictive Analytics yes 24 $37,000 2010
Drexel PA MS in Business Analytics no 20 $45,000 2012
Fordham NY MS in Business Analytics no 12 $34,740 2012
Harvard MA MS in Computational Science and Engineering no 12 na 2012
LSU LA MS in Analytics no 10 to 12 $22,000 (res. 8,500) 2012
MSU MI MS in Business Analytics no 12 $39,000 2013
NCSU NC MS In Analytics no 10 $36,300 2007
Northwestern IL MS In Analytics no 15 $58,000 2012
Northwestern SCS IL MS in Predictive Analytics Online yes 12 to 24 $39,000 2009
NYU NY MBA, specialization In Business Analytics part 24 na 2012
NYU NY MS in Business Analytics part 12 $63,500 2013
Rutgers NJ MBS in Analytics no 18 to 24 na 2011
SJU PA MS in Business Intelligence yes 15 to 24 $26,760 2008
Stanford University CA MS Computer Science, Specialization in Information Management and Analytics part 24 na 2010
Stevens NJ MS in BI and Analytics no 20 $46,000 2012
U. Tennessee TN MS in Business Analytics no 17 $40,000 (r 14,200) 2010
UC OH MS in Business Analytics no 9 to 12 na 2012
USF CA MS in Analytics no 11 $42,940 2012
Uconn CT MS in Business Analytics and Project Management no 12 $22,500 2012
UIUC IL MS in Statistics, Analytics Concentration no 12 na 2009
U. Michigan Dearborn MI MS in Business Analytics yes 12 to 24 na 2012

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Other lists of analytics and data mining education include: