Gartner: Analytics Moves To The Core

A report from GartnerBI EMEA conference highlights the shift from application-oriented to analytics-oriented businesses, with analytics infrastructure at the core of the system. Applications come and go; information is permanent.

Timo Elliott, February 14, 2013

#GartnerBI EMEA 2013 Part 1: Analytics Moves To The Core

I attended the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit last week in Barcelona. ...

Analytics Moves To The Core

BI and Analytics is again the number one technology priority for CIOs in 2013, and the rising importance of information changing the philosophy behind enterprise information infrastructures. Today, these are generally application-focused, with analytics added on top as an afterthought. However, organizations are increasingly realizing that information is core to competitive advantage, and hence that the analytics infrastructure is actually the core of the system. As one speaker put it, "Applications come and go; information is permanent." We should no longer think of applications "owning" data stores - instead, they should be seen side-by-side, as peers.

This means new opportunities, big changes to information architectures, and new challenges for analytics teams.

Analytics moves to the core

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