Introduction to R for Data Mining

This on-demand webinar shows how to become immediately productive in R, and covers point-and-click data mining GUI rattle, command line data mining, and Big data mining with RevoScaleR

Feb 14, 2013 Webinar, presented by Joseph Rickert, Technical Marketing Manager, Revolution Analytics

In this webinar, we focus on data mining as the application area and show how anyone with just a basic knowledge of elementary data mining techniques can become immediately productive in R. We will:

  • Provide an orientation to R's data mining resources
  • Show how to use the "point and click" open source data mining GUI, rattle, to perform the basic data mining functions of exploring and visualizing data, building classification models on training data sets, and using these models to classify new data.
  • Show the simple R commands to accomplish these same tasks without the GUI
  • Demonstrate how to build on these fundamental skills to gain further competence in R
  • Move away from using small test data sets and show with the same level of skill one could analyze some fairly large data sets with RevoScaleR

Data scientists and analysts using other statistical software as well as students who are new to data mining should come away with a plan for getting started with R.

Here is the webinar replay and presentation.

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