On-demand Webinar: Unstructured Data for Accurate Customer Insight

Learn how to optimize profitability ensuring lifetime 1-to-1 customer relationships, best practices for presenting data, and new technologies for fast and accurate big data analysis.

When it comes to text analytics, a lack of unstructured data is not the issue. Rather, it's what organizations do with this data. You need to present results in a meaningful way so your first responders can use them to improve service, personalize marketing and drive profitability.

Text AnalyticsText Analytics News recently held a webinar where three experts discussed how to achieve fast and accurate analysis of ever growing volumes of unstructured data:

Click here to enjoy the full webinar recording with:

  • Steve Pinchuk, Advanced Analytics, Customer Insights & Profit Optimization, IBM
  • Carol Borghesi, Former SVP of Customers First Culture, Author, Telus
  • Seth Earley, CEO, Earley & Associates

Let me know what you think of the webinar.

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