Oracle Data Miner Test-Drive

You can try Oracle Data Miner for free via virtual servers on Amazon Cloud, thanks to Vlamis Software Solutions.

Thanks to Karl Rexer, head of for sending this info on how to try Oracle Data Miner.

Here is a free and very simple way to try Oracle Data Miner at

thanks to Vlamis Software Solutions. Vlamis has set up remote virtual servers to be available using the Amazon Cloud, so anyone can simply start a virtual server that is pre-configured with an Oracle database and Oracle Data Mining. This means that within 15 minutes, you an be sitting anywhere in the world, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can control a remote virtual server, and use ODM.

Oracle Data MinerYou can try a couple of the "Oracle By Example" exercises, which walk you through using the Oracle Data Miner GUI to build some simple predictive models on sample data - also provided - for free on the Vlamis virtual server.

The test drives include

  • OBIEE: a quick overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g - and allows users to create reports and dashboards for themselves, showcases: adhoc reports, graphs, maps, and color-coding.
  • Data Mining: walks through some basic exercises in doing predictive analytics within an Oracle 11g Database using the Oracle Data Miner. You use a drag-and-drop "workflow" interface to build a data mining model that predicts the likelihood of purchase for a set of prospects.

Try them at