SFBayACM Course: Practical Data Visualization with RMar 9, San Jose, CA

This day-long workshop will provide practical review of R major graphing capabilities, including base graphics and new lattice and ggplot2 packages. The speaker is a leading researcher and practioner, author of "R in Action" book.

Data Visualization with R
Practical Data Visualization with R

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 8:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: eBay, 2161 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95131
Speaker: Robert Kabacoff, the author of the book "R in Action"
Cost: SFBay ACM and SVForum members - $95, Attendance and SFBay ACM membership - $115, Non-members - $120.

Event Details
RGraphics and visualization have become central features of modern data analysis. The R platform provides a power and comprehensive platform for visualizing data, understanding and evaluating statistical models, and effectively communicating our study results to both technical and nontechnical audiences. This day-long workshop will provide practical review of R's major graphing capabilities, including base functionality and new capabilities provided by the lattice and ggplot2 packages. Interactive graphics and animation will also be covered.

Course Outline

I. Introduction - R basics; importing data; the base graphics system; univariate plots (histogram, density, pie, dot, box, violin and bean, time series) plots; multivariate plots (scatter plot, mosaic plot, 3D scatter, balloon, correlograms) plots. Customizing graphs (fonts, axes, grids, titles, labels, colors, symbols, legends), and saving them in various formats (pdf, ps, svg, png, wmf, jpeg).

II. Lattice Graphics - Exploring multivariate data with trellis graphs; customizing lattice graphs.

III. Ggplot2 - A comprehensive system for graph development with the ggplot2 package; examples of each graph type; customizing ggplot2 graphs.

IV. Interactive Graphics - Visualizing data interactively with iPlots; interfacing R and Google Chart Tools with googleVis; accessing GGobi with RGGobi.

Prior experience with R is not required. Participants should have completed a one semester course in statistics.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Kabacoff is a seasoned researcher, specializing data analysis and graphics since 1986. As Vice President of Research for Management Research Group, he consults widely with academic, government, and corporate organizations throughout North America and Western Europe. Dr. Kabacoff has taught numerous graduate courses on topics in multivariate statistics and statistical programming and maintains the Quick-R website at www.statmethods.net.

For more information on his book R in Action, see www.manning.com/kabacoff.