10 Big Data Startups at Strata

Here are 10 Big data startups which were especially noticeable at the recent Strata Conference, Feb 2013, offering Hadoop SQL engine, a virtual travel agent, sensor data solutions, baby pajamas with tiny sensors, and more.

By Kristin Bent, CRN, Feb. 28, 2013

Splice MachineSplice Machine, Monte Zweben, CEO
The company's Hadoop-based Splice SQL Engine marries the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds, offering a massively scalable database without compromising things like secondary indexes, transactional integrity, and full SQL support the way it argues some NoSQL databases do.

Olset, (currently in beta), Gad Bashvitz, Founder and CEO
Essentially a virtual travel agent, Olset fully automates the online travel booking process by knowing the preferences of its users. The system pulls in user information from sites ranging from Facebook to Expedia to get a sense of how its users like to travel, the types of hotels they prefer and more

Unravel, Kunal Agarwal and Shivnath Babu, Founders
Provides optimization tools to help users spend less time worrying about their Hadoop infrastructures and focus instead on the true value of big data: making better business decisions.

Sensitel, Ray Sikka, CEO
By collecting data from tiny embedded sensors, the kind found in everything from smartphones to GPS devices, Sensitel's solutions allow companies to garner insights into parts of their business they rarely could before.

Rest Devices, Carson Darling, Founder
The Boston-based startup makes a line of onesies that come with tiny embedded sensors designed to track babies' breathing patterns while they sleep, and then transmit that data in real-time back to parents' mobile devices.

Vertascale James Ladd, Co-Founder and President
Vertascale's SimpleSearch tool provides indexing and real-time search capabilities for searching semi-structured or mix-structured data stores in Amazon S3 of the Hadoop File System (HDFS).

Stopped.at, Mara Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO
Stopped.at is a big data startup that melds analytics with social media to make your Web browsing experience just a little bit more rewarding. Like Foursquare for the Web, Stopped.at lets users "check in" while visiting websites, earn points for doing so, and then redeem those points in their online stores to get rewards.

Simularity, Liz Derr, Founder and CEO
Simularity platform, which can perform both streaming and historical big data analysis, helps organizations find commonalities among massive unstructured data sets that can ultimately make them more competitive. Simularity signed on online book retailer Alibris, which uses Simularity to make product recommendations. Simularity also has a Facebook app that offers users personalized recommendations based on the items they've "Liked."

What start-ups did you notice recently?

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