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11 Data Visualization Experts on Twitter, plus 1

11 data visualization experts to follow on twitter - who do you follow?

Information Management published a good (but not great) list of

11 Data Visualization Experts You Should Follow on Twitter.

Here are these experts, their twitter bios and stats, as of Mar 2, 2013.

  • Enrico Bertini, @FILWD, 1157 tweets, 2277 followers
    Assistant Professor at NYU Poly. Data Visualization Evangelist.
    New York.

  • Michael W. Cristiani @mcristia, 8864 tweets, 2017 followers
    Listening/learning/visualizing business data to solve problems and help customers thrive.

  • Noah Iliinsky, @noahi, 7828 tweets, 3417 followers
    Visualization & interaction designer, practical cyclist. Author of vis books: Visualization Expert @ IBM. My opinions, not theirs.
    Seattle, WA.

  • Andy Kirk, @visualisingdata, 6856 tweets, 7650 followers
    Data visualisation design architect, consultant, training provider, editor of and author of this book
    Yorkshire, UK.

  • Daniel G Murray, @DGM885, 6144 tweets, 1434 followers
    Data Visualization expert, love jazz, smart people, the wilderness, cities, creative thinking, problem-solving and good books.
    Newnan, Georgia.

  • Scott Murray, @alignedleft, 2534 tweets, 2310 followers
    Code artist, hand-crafting data visualizations and other interactive phenomena. Author of "Interactive Data Visualization for the Web". #processing #d3js
    San Francisco.

  • Cole Nussbaumer, @storywithdata, 328 tweets, 1329 followers
    Helping rid the world of ineffective graphs, one exploding, 3D pie chart at a time!

  • Naomi B Robbins, @nbrgraphs, 1239 tweets, 1707 followers Graph expert. Consultant & speaker on better data graphing techniques. Author "Creating More Effective Graphs" #DataViz

  • Edward Tufte, @EdwardTufte, 469 tweets, 19,539 followers
    Data theorist, sculptor; 4 books on data visualization; Professor, Princeton and Yale 33 years. Scroll down for older tweets (curated,better). Do little social.

  • Andrew Vande Moere, @infosthetics, 2,048 tweets, 13,141 followers
    Information Aesthetics blogger. Associate Professor at KU Leuven (Belgium). Interested in data visualization, interaction design, urban informatics, ...
    Leuven (~Brussels).

  • Martin Wattenberg, @wattenberg, 300 tweets, 5,035 followers
    Data visualization creator,

The people on the above list, except for Tufte and infosthetics, have relatively small number of followers.

I also am surprised Information Management missed

Read more.

Which visualization experts do you follow?

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