Big Data Download: Employee Performance and People Analytics

CNBC/Yahoo new online segment "Big Data Download" looks at collecting employee data - is it good for productivity or is the Big Brother ? What happens when employee badges are replaced with sociometric badges and how it improved productivity by 23% at BoA call center.

CNBC/Yahoo! Big Data DownloadBig Data Download is a new online show started by CNBC and Yahoo will draw Big Data sources including Yahoo! Search data, social sentiment and investing algorithms to deliver valuable information to everyday investors and business decision makers. It will air Monday-Friday at 11AM and 2PM ET.

The Mar 28 episode focused on collecting employee data - is it good for productivity or is the Big Brother ?

Collecting behavioral data on employees can improve productivity and cohesion among workers, according to recent studies by Sociometric SolutionsSociometric Solutions, a firm that uses its technology to analyze work environments.

Using its own sensing devices and algorithms, Sociometric tracks speech patterns, location, movement and posture in the workplace, and based on the data gathered, suggests ways to improve interactions between employees and employers and even office floor plans.

After tracking workers at a Bank of America call center, Sociometric suggested a change in break scheduling. And after the call center switch from staggered 15-minute breaks to having teams take breaks all at the same time, productivity increased by 23 percent and team cohesion increased 18 percent, according to Sociometric founder Ben Waber.