BigData100: Vote for the Most Influential in Big Data

Vote for the most influential Big Data experts on Twitter for #bigdata100

Last updated Mar 27, 2013.

BigData100Big Data Republic is conducting a survey of who is the most influential on twitter in the area of Big Data - see

You can vote for @kdnuggets by tweeting

I nominate @kdnuggets for the #bigdata100 most influential #bigdata Twitter accounts

(or replace @kdnuggets with another influential twitter account of your choice)

The campaign will close at midday GMT on April 15 - with the final #bigdata100 announced in the Big Data Briefing newsletter on April 16.

The rankings seems to be based (so far) purely on PeerIndex, but the editor of Big Data Republic promises to start taking the actual votes into account.


Big Data 100: Influential big data Tweeters, created by Big Data Republic

Mar 27 BDR list of top 22 twitter Big Data experts (still based only on PeerIndex ranking and ignoring actual votes):

Mar 19 BDR list of top 16 twitter Big Data experts (still based only on PeerIndex ranking):

Mar 17 BDR list of top 12:

Mar 15 list of top 10 twitter experts was: