Crunchbase/SiSense interactive startup dashboard: Are Big Data investments declining in 2013?

We analyze the Crunchbase start-up database using SiSense interactive dashboard and observe the latest big data trends. Will 2013 Big Data investments fall below 2012 levels?

Gregory Piatetsky, Mar 16, 2013.

TechCrunch CrunchBase is a very popular, free, web-based database about companies, startups, VCs, and people involved. It currently has information on 100,000+ Companies and over 150,000 people involved.

CrunchBase has recently teamed with SiSense, developers of Prism big data analytics, to create interactive dashboard and analysis tools on this data - see Crunching CrunchBase. Best of all, these tools are free !

You can access this interface at

The interface and visualizations are still somewhat buggy ( The Big Data Investment dashboard shows "undefined" in place of company names), but you can export this data to Excel for further analysis. Here are a couple of interesting charts on Big Data startups.

Big Data Startups: Raised Amount, 2006-2013

We note the sharp peak in Big Data investments in 2011, and slight decline in 2012. The 2013 year is just beginning, so it remains to be seen if the amount of investments will exceed 2012, but based on the growing Big Data backlash, we expect that 2013 raised amount will be below 2012.

Below is a list of top 20 startups by raised amount: Cloudera, Mu Sigma, Opera Solutions, 10gen, Guavus, ParAccel, Talend, GoodData, DataXu, Splunk, DataStax, 1010data, Couchbase, Tidemark, Platfora, Factual, MetaMarkets, Hopper, Lattice Engines, RainStor.

Top 20 Big Data Startups by Raised Amount

See also a good analysis of this data in CrunchBase Crunching: SiSense and the Big Data Group on the State of the VC Industry, by Gil Press, Forbes, Mar 15, 2013.