Facebook likes can reveal religion, politics, race, intelligence

Facebook likes can be used to accurately predict race, religion, politicals, sexuality and intelligence. Fans of curly fries and The Colbert report tend to be highly intelligent while those who like Harley Davison or Lady Antebellum not quite so.

Mar 12, 2013, SitePro News.

According to Cambridge University researchers, your Facebook likes may divulge more about you than you realize.

But can liking a friend's post or a favorite brand really reveal your religion, political leanings, race, intelligence and sexual preferences?

According to the Cambridge researchers: Yes.

FB likes prediction accuracy
The study
, released this week, proves Facebook likes can be used to dig up private information about almost any regular Facebook user.

Using an algorithm, researchers analyzed the data from more than 58,000 U.S. Facebook users, who volunteered their likes, demographic profiles and personality tests.

Using this system, researchers correctly differentiated between African-Americans and Caucasians 95 percent of the time and distinguished males from females 93 percent of the time.

Their predictions on determining religion (Christianity versus Islam) were accurate 82 percent of the time and they were able to distinguish Democrats from Republicans 85 percent of the time.

The algorithms even enabled the researchers to identify smokers, drinkers and drug users with surprising accuracy - 73, 70 and 65 percent respectively.

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