Klout Top Big Data Influencers

Top Big Data influencers, according to Klout: @cloudera, @hmason, @dpatil, @acroll, @dhinchcliffe, @kevinweil, @kdnuggets, @edd

Klout highlights the following 9 accounts as Top 10 Big Data Influencers
Top Big Data Influencers
, but clicking on See all influencers shows a total of 29 influencers, some with higher scores than those 9 highlighted (thanks to Jose M Gomez Hidalgo @jmgomez for pointing this out).

Here is a list of top 20 Klout Big Data influencers including the "hidden ones". The Twitter follower numbers are as of March 29, 2013.

  • 1. Cloudera Hadoop, Klout 81, Cloudera is the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services working with customers in fin serv, web, teleco, government and other industries. @cloudera, 1804 tweets, 15,608 followers.
  • 2. Hilary Mason, 79, chief scientist @bitly. Machine learning; I heart data and cheeseburgers. @hmason, 10,185 tweets, 27,842 followers.
  • 3. DJ Patil, 73, Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock, @dpatil, 7,215 tweets, 12,624 followers.
  • 4. Alistair Croll, 71, Analyst, writer, startup accelerant. I like Big Data, clouds, web. Involved in Strata, Cloudconnect, Startupfest, YearOneLabs, Bitnorth, Decibel. @acroll, 13,505 tweets, 10,229 followers.
  • Dion Hinchcliffe, 68, Chief Strategy Officer, business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, book author, blogger, & consultant on social business & next-gen enterprises. @dhinchcliffe, 11,982 tweets, 20,295 followers.
  • Kevin Weil, 68, Director of Product for Revenue at Twitter. Former big data engineer. Digital advertising, ultra-marathoning, cycling, diet mountain dew, hadoop, lolcats. @kevinweil, 10,557 tweets, 24,218 followers.
  • KDnuggets, 67, KDnuggets Editor, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science consultant, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, part-time philosopher, dad. @kdnuggets, 8,114 tweets, 9,047 followers.
  • Edd Dumbill, 67, Technology analyst, editor and conference chair. Founding chair of O'Reilly Strata and OSCON program chair. Incurably curious. @edd, 6,541 tweets, 5,190 followers.
  • Bob Gourley, 66, A CTO. Also find me @CTOvision and @CTOlist. National Security, Cyber Security, Enterprise IT and tech fun are key topics of interest. @bobgourley, 10,405 tweets, 8,338 followers.
  • David Smith, 66, Data scientist, blogger, and R evangelist at Revolution Analytics -- david@revolutionanalytics.com. @revodavid, 4,059 tweets, 5,044 followers.
  • IBM big data, 66, Bringing big data to the enterprise, @IBMbigdata, 6,455 tweets, 12,001 followers.
  • Mike Gualtieri, 64, Forrester Analyst: Big Data, predictive analytics, & emerging technology. Host of TechnoPolitics. Futurist. Improvisational swing dancing with @lisagualtieri. @mgualtieri, 8,252 tweets, 31,986 followers.
  • Neil Raden, 64 #CEO,#HiredBrains,#consultant,#advisor,#author #Analytics,#DecisionMgt,#BigData.#Healthcare critic.#Racing fan/car nut,#polo,(gr)father. @NeilRaden, 24,631 tweets, 5,315 followers.
  • Pete Skomoroch, 63, My mission is to create intelligent systems that help people make better decisions. Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, Hadoop, Big Data. @peteskomoroch, 9,031 tweets, 11,524 followers.
  • Michael Driscoll, 62, CEO @Metamarkets. I "heart" data, analytics, and visualization. @medriscoll, 1,643 tweets, 8,694 followers.
  • Ben Lorica, 62, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing resources from Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia. @BigData, 2,026 tweets, 10,797 followers.
  • Greenplum, 61, a Division of EMC is driving the future of Big Data analytics. @greenplum, 2,162 tweets, 5,435 followers.
  • Infochimps, 61, Infochimps makes it faster, easier and far less complex to build & manage Big Data applications in the cloud and quickly deliver actionable insights. @infochimps, 3,109 tweets, 8,173 followers.
  • SmartData Collective, 61, Expert writers on analytics, BI and big data brought to you by the folks at Social Media Today. @SmartDataCo, 11,358 tweets, 8,336 followers.
  • Alex Popescu, 56, NOSQL Dreamer mynosql.tv, Tech Evangelist @RethinkDB, Software architect, Founder http://InfoQ.com, Web aficionado, Speaker. @al3xandru, 17,959 tweets, 6,986 followers.

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