New Poll: Should there be a Data Scientist Pledge?

Many professions have a pledge as a rite of passage for new graduates, and ACM is currently discussing The Pledge of the Computing Professional. Should there be a Data Scientist pledge and what should it contain?

Does Data Science require ethical behavior, and what do we mean by it?

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Should there be a Data Scientist / Analytics Professional Pledge?

What should this pledge contain?

New doctors have a Hippocratic Oath. In other professions the act of joining the profession is accompanied by a rite of passage, such as taking a pledge, symbolizing the entry of the initiate into a position of responsibility.

ACM is currently discussing The Pledge of the Computing Professional (see text below), which touches upon many themes relevant to Data Science.

With data scientists in big demand and playing an increasingly more important role in the society, it seems appropriate to consider a Data Scientist Pledge, which would emphasize and concisely summarize the desired behavior of data scientists.

On the other hand, without an umbrella organization such as ACM or IEEE, it seems unlikely that such a pledge could be adopted or have a significant effect.

See also a discussion on Data Science Code of Professional Conduct and "Golden Rule", which tries to define professional conduct in more detail.

See also Big Data Ethics: 4 Principles to Follow.

For background, see

The Pledge of the Computer Professional

  • I am a Computing Professional.
  • My work as a Computing Professional affects people's lives, both now and into the future.
  • As a result, I bear moral and ethical responsibilities to society.
  • As a Computing Professional, I pledge to practice my profession with the highest level of integrity and competence.
  • I shall always use my skills for the public good.
  • I shall be honest about my limitations, continuously seeking to improve my skills through life-long learning.
  • I shall engage only in honorable and upstanding endeavors.
  • By my actions, I pledge to honor my chosen profession.