Data Mining / Analytic News Briefs, Mar 2013

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  • Pivotal - new Big Data spinoff from EMC, VMware - Mar 30, 2013.
    Pivotal unit, set to launch April 1, will integrate an unusual and powerful set of software components into a single big data platform.
  • Angoss adds Real-Time Analytics Capability - Mar 28, 2013.
    Angoss real-time scoring cloud service delivers intelligent, real-time scores or recommendations, and integrates with operational systems.
  • DataKind/WorldBank Big Data Exploration against poverty and fraud - Mar 27, 2013.
    About 150 data scientists, civic hackers, visual analytics savants, poverty specialists, and fraud/anti-corruption experts made DataKind/WorldBank DataDive at Washington DC a success. See some highlights.
  • PAKDD 2013 Distinguished Contribution Award - Mar 18, 2013.
    The Distinguished Contribution Award for recognises significant contributions in research and services goes to Prof. Jaideep Srivastava of U. Minnesota. The award will be presented at PAKDD 2013, Gold Coast, Australia, Apr 14-17.
  • Kaggle Connect Data Science Consulting - Mar 16, 2013.
    Kaggle Connect is a consulting platform that connects companies to the top Kaggle competitors.
  • Top Big Data VC Investors - Mar 15, 2013.
    Companies in the Big Data industry have received close to $5B in VC financing in the last few years. We look at the top VC firms that invest in Big Data.
  • Big Data generates Big Returns, says VC Roger Ehrenberg - Mar 15, 2013.
    An interview with Roger Ehrenberg, founder of venture capital firm IA Ventures is a leading investor in startups solely around a big data theme. Ehrenberg talks about Big data, what he looks for in firms he invests, Wall Street, and whether consumer privacy is dead.
  • Facebook likes can reveal religion, politics, race, intelligence - Mar 14, 2013.
    Facebook likes can be used to accurately predict race, religion, politicals, sexuality and intelligence. Fans of curly fries and The Colbert report tend to be highly intelligent while those who like Harley Davison or Lady Antebellum not quite so.
  • KXEN Predictive Offers on - Real-Time Next Best Activity - Mar 14, 2013.
    Customers can instantly personalize conversations with real-time "next best activity". KXEN engine automatically finds next best activity using advanced machine learning.
  • 100 Most Social Big Data Companies - Mar 9, 2013.
    A report from BigDataLandscape looks at 100 Big Data Companies use of social media marketing, including blogs, videos, slideshares, and tweets, and identifies the leaders and best practices.
  • 10 Big Data Startups at Strata - Mar 5, 2013.
    Here are 10 Big data startups which were especially noticeable at the recent Strata Conference, Feb 2013, offering Hadoop SQL engine, a virtual travel agent, sensor data solutions, baby pajamas with tiny sensors, and more.
  • muPDNA: Mu Sigma First Analytics Software Product - Mar 5, 2013.
    Mu Sigma first analytics software product, muPDNA™ offers a structured approach to defining, representing and encoding intelligence about business problems. Originally developed for internal use, muPDNA is now available to any enterprise.