Data Mining / Analytic Competitions News, Apr 2013

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  • GE NFL NineSigma $10 Million Head Health Challenge - Apr 19, 2013.
    GE and NFL Head Health Challenge will award up to $10 million for more accurate diagnoses of brain injury and prognosis for recovery. The Challenge is hosted by NineSigma.
  • KDD Cup 2013: Author-Paper Identification Challenge - Apr 18, 2013.
    One of the main challenges of searching academic literature is resolving author-name ambiguity: many authors have similar names, and some authors publish under different variations of their name. This problem is the topic of KDD Cup 2013: determine which papers in Microsoft Academic Search author profile were truly written by that author. Submission deadline: June 12.
  • DMOLD-13: Data Mining on Linked Data Workshop and Challenge - Apr 15, 2013.
    The workshop consists of an Open Track and of a Challenge Track. The Challenge focuses Public Contract Procurement data, includes 3 tasks: prediction of the number of bidders; prediction of the type of contract; and unrestricted discovery of interesting nuggets of any sort
  • CHALEARN: Cause-effect pairs challenge - Apr 9, 2013.
    Bring your own data and use the challenge to discover causal relationships! The goal of this event is to evaluate for a large number of pairs of variables whether one is a cause of the other. You can contribute algorithms or contribute data.
  • DATA MINING CUP 2013 Student competition launched - Apr 4, 2013.
    The tasks for the 14th Data Mining Cup, a leading competition for students and young data miners, have been published. This year the focus is to forecast orders in an online shop. The winners will be announced during prudsys User Days 2-3 June 2013.