GE NFL NineSigma $10 Million Head Health Challenge

GE and NFL Head Health Challenge will award up to $10 million for more accurate diagnoses of brain injury and prognosis for recovery. The Challenge is hosted by NineSigma.

NineSights General Electric and the National Football League have established a joint initiative to advance the detection and management of mild traumatic brain injuries.

In this Head Health Challenge I, hosted by NineSigma, they will award up to $10 million for improved technologies and methods that enable more accurate diagnoses of mild brain injury and prognosis for recovery following acute and/or repetitive injuries.

In addition to benefiting athletes, this program also will benefit soldiers and civilians who suffer head trauma. The specific focus areas are:

  • Improved algorithms for the quantification and visualization of markers of brain injury
  • Algorithms and tools that link imaging data to clinical, cognitive, and biomechanical data
  • Development and validation of imaging and/or sensor based biomarkers that can aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of mild traumatic brain injury events
  • Development of new technologies that are more sensitive to small contusions and injuries that are missed by current technologies
  • Models to assess an individual's risk of developing long-term brain injury
  • Methods for triaging acute stage events and developing "Return to Play" guidelines

NineSigma is hosting the Head Health Challenge, and more information is available online at

To submit a proposal, please register at and download and complete the required Response Template. Follow the instructions in the Template to submit your proposal online. No proposals will be accepted via email.

The submission deadline for brief non-confidential proposals is July 1, 2013.
Award decisions will be announced in early 2014.