Picking Winners In Big Data

The value in data world is usually not just in the software, and building on top of Hadoop is not strategy for long term advantage.


Edd DumbillEdd Dumbill, @edd, Chair of the Strata Conference, Editor of Big Data Journal, writes in Forbes about Picking Winners In Big Data (Apr 2, 2013).

He points that the value is in the data world is usually not just in the software, and as Hadoop has become a de facto standard, so is building on top of it with open source, and any advantage there is temporary.

He points that two things about Big Data are constant:

  • Need for Compute and Storage
  • Need for Data itself

The companies that provide storage like EMC or compute like Intel are likely to benefit the most from Big Data.

Regarding data, significant value will be where data interacts with business and this brings several areas of opportunity:

  • Domain specific tools
  • Machine learning
  • Tools for exploration and for human interaction. Tableau is a leader in this market (not surprisingly planning for an IPO).
  • Data agility, providing fast speed-to-decision

Areas of risk
If a solution isn't scoring high in the categories above, it's not likely to be around for the long run. ...

Edd concludes:

In the long term, the additive nature of big data, combined with inertia, makes it a safe bet that current enterprise IT incumbents will continue their reign, as long as they move to embrace big data in their architectures.

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