Polychart.js JavaScript charting library

Polychart.js is a JavaScript charting library with a powerful grammar, inspired by ggplot2, has built-in interactivity between charts.

Samson Hu, samson@polychart.com, 9 Apr 2013

Polychart.jsPolychart.js is a JavaScript charting library with a powerful grammar. Inspired by ggplot2, Polychart.js takes things further by having interactivity between charts built in.

Version 2 of Polychart.js was released this week. We took all the feedback that we received and rebuilt Polychart.js around a design that is inspired by The Grammar of Graphic and the R package ggplot2. On top of this, we added an interactive layer that allows charts to communicate with each other, a feature that is missing from most visualization libraries currently out today.

Polychart Demo: Population of Europe declining in 21st century

Polychart.js uses Raphael.js internally for SVG rendering. Raphael.js falls back to VML in older Internet Explorer browsers, and still works on tablets. This means that your interactive charts can be viewed by almost anyone.

We worked hard to provide full documentation and the code is available on github. Visit polychartjs.com for more information.

Polychart is a data visualization company that builds web based products that help organizations understand their data. Based in Waterloo, On, the company was founded on the principles of allowing anyone to explore and analyse their data, regardless of technical skills. Among their offerings, Polychart's flagship products is a lightweight data visualization tool that can be embedded onto any web page.