Quadrigram platform for customized data visualizations

Quadrigram is a highly flexible platform for creating data visualizations and solutions. It uses a visual language, with modules to importing/exporting many data types, performing all kinds of operations, controlling the data flow of data, and a large catalogue of visualizations and visual metaphors.

QuadrigramQuadrigram is a highly flexible platform specially tailored for helping professionals such as data scientists, analysts, researchers, data journalists, consultants, and engineers, in maintaining a more intimate relation with the data that affects their business, and in creating their own data visualizations and solutions (teaser video).

The flexibility of Quadrigram comes primarily from its visual language, which encompasses a large collection of modules for importing/exporting any type of data (numbers, texts, geographic data, networks, trees, etc...), performing all kinds of operations, and controlling the flow of data. The visual language also contains a extensive catalogue of visualizations that can be combined to create any type of visual metaphor.

Quadrigram also hosts a growing collection of Quadrigram visualizationstemplates, representing a varied set of examples and practical cases from different areas (e.g. system monitoring, economics, socio-politics, management, etc...). Each template can be transformed into a personalized project by changing the data source, or adapting its processes and visualizations.

Through its visual language, Quadrigram eliminates the need for programming in the development of data solutions, and renders the data process, from its sources to the visualizations, into a non-linear chain of visual modules.

With Quadrigram, connect your data from different files, databases, repositories, and services. Process it through filters, mixers, and operations, and select or design the most adequate metaphor to visualize them. Interconnect the visualizations to design more elaborate interactions, and publish them as password-protected or public projects on your own website or on your Quadrigram server.

Quadrigram offers a one-month free trial for those interested in getting to know the platform up close. This way, users can learn to work with its visual language and gain leverage over their data before adopting Quadrigram as their tool for gathering, shaping, and visualizing data.

Ayman Moghnieh

Corporate collaboration and R&D
Barcelona, Spain