Big Data Journal Top Articles: Open Access

Check these top-read articles from the inaugural issue of the Big Data journal (open access).

Big Data JournalBig Data is the first and only peer-reviewed journal to address challenges and opportunities managing vast amounts of information to better serve our worldwide community. Make sure to check out these top-read articles from the inaugural issue!

Making Sense of Big Data,
E. Dumbill, Editor-in-Chief.

Data Science and its Relationship to Big Data and Data-Driven Decision Making,
F. Provost and T. Fawcett

What Do RDF and SPARQL bring to Big Data Projects?,
B. DuCharme

Benchmarking Big Data Systems and the BigData Top100 List,
C. Baru, M. Bhandarkar, R. Nambiar, M. Poess, and T. Rabl

Educating the Next Generation of Data Scientists
E. Dumbill, E.D. Liddy, J. Stanton, K. Mueller, and S. Farnham

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