Lavastorm: New Forrester Research – Agile BI Report – Free Download

Download Forrester Research Report "Build an Agile BI Organization" and learn why centralized BI is prone to failure and how to close BI talent gap by empowering business users to roll their own BI apps.

Lavastorm AnalyticsBuild an Agile BI Organization

Is your company organized to take advantage of Agile BI?

Download Forrester Analyst Boris Evelson's new Research Report
"Build an Agile BI Organization"
(with Lavastorm's compliments) to learn more.

The Forrester Report makes three key points that I think you'll find interesting:

  1. Centralized BI based on traditional development models is prone to failure
  2. Business users must be empowered to 'roll their own' BI apps
  3. Closing the BI 'talent gap' follows from empowering business users

The report outlines what a next-generation, agile BI organization looks like and offers a number of practical steps that both business professionals and IT can take towards achieving this important goal.

If you've found yourself frustrated by the speed with which you can get the answers you need to run your business or overwhelmed by a staggering volume of new BI requests, I think you'll find the report a very useful resource.

John Joseph
Vice President, Product Marketing
Lavastorm Analytics