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SiSense Prism 10X In-Chip Analytics Data Monster

SiSense in-chip columnar database turns any machine into data monster, says Bruno Aziza! SiSense Prism 10X is a significant entry in Big Data Analytics market, with its In-Chip analytics that are much faster than in-memory approaches, and many new dynamic visualizations.

By Gregory Piatetsky, May 23, 2013.

SiSenseSiSense, the Big Data Analytics Company, announced the launch of Prism 10X™, a technology that allows non-technical users to analyze 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of current in-memory solutions. Prism 10X also contains a new web-based feature that allows business users to turn any data into beautiful and interactive visualizations.

SiSense VP Bruno Aziza told me that

SiSense in-chip columnar database turns any machine into data monster!

SiSense Prism aims at the Big Data sweet spot, which according to Forbes are databases from 100 GB to 30 TB. This concurs with the latest KDnuggets Poll on Largest Dataset Analyzed / Data Mined, where over 50% of the answers were in 10 GB to 100 TB range.

SiSense provides an all-in-one solution, with a fast database, appealing dynamic visualizations, and web-based editing and dashboards.

You can try SiSense dashboard online at CRUNCHANALYTICS Dashboard, which uses Crunchbase data for interactive visualizations of venture capital investments and startups. (See also our analysis of Crunchbase/SiSense interactive startup dashboard: Are Big Data investments declining in 2013?)

The "secret sauce" of speed is in combining a columnar database with smart algorithms that can use the in-chip cache, RAM, or disk as needed. The in-chip cache, as the following picture shows, is much faster than the regular memory (which in turn is much faster than disk).

SiSense in-chip technology

SiSense also introduces "The Switch", a feature that allows users to turn any data into beautiful and interactive visualizations directly from within the browser. Many popular graphs are available, from scatter charts, to wind-roses, funnels, scatter and areas maps.

One notable omission from current SiSense product is native Predictive Analytics algorithms, but I was told SiSense is working on it, so expect interesting announcements on that topic.

SiSense had 520% revenue growth over the past year and has customers in 49 countries, including global leaders like Philips, Yahoo, Samsung, Target and Merck, and innovative startups like Wix and Uber.

You can download a free trial version of the software at

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