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Read the most popular papers from Statistical Analysis and Data Mining published 2011-2012, with free access. Topics include time series, community discovery, statistical network analysis, room for modeler, convex clustering, and more.

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Statistical Analysis and Data Mining journalThe top 10 most accessed papers,
published in 2011 & 2012 in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining journal.

Emerging topics and challenges for statistical analysis and data mining, (pages 3-8) Arnold Goodman

Significant motifs in time series, (pages 35-53) Nuno C. Castro, Paulo J. Azevedo

A classification for community discovery methods in complex networks, (pages 512-546) Michele Coscia, Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi

Review of statistical network analysis: models, algorithms, and software, (pages 243-264) M. Salter-Townshend, A. White, I. Gollini, T. B. Murphy

Non-negative residual matrix factorization: problem definition, fast solutions, and applications, (pages 3-15) Hanghang Tong, Ching-Yung Lin

Special issue on the best papers of SDM'11, (pages 1-2) Chris Clifton, Takashi Washio

Making room for the modeler in data mining, (pages 90-91) Robert A. Stine

Composite distance metric integration by leveraging multiple experts' inputs and its application in patient similarity assessment, (pages 54-69) Fei Wang, Jimeng Sun, Shahram Ebadollahi

On supervised mining of dynamic content-based networks, (pages 16-34) Charu C. Aggarwal, Nan Li

Sequential minimal optimization in convex clustering repetitions, (pages 70-89) Rikiya Takahashi