Viscovery 6.0 Visual Data-Mining Platform

Viscovery Visual data mining software suite is designed to help customers uncover high-value insights and interesting attributes in very high-dimensional data. Free trial.

Vienna, Austria, 15 May 2013.

Data-mining company ViscoveryViscovery unveiled the latest major release of the Viscovery® Software Suite, designed to help customers uncover high-value insights in complex data sets. Viscovery version 6.0 offers numerous enhancements, a more intuitive user interface, and several new features with particular importance for biomedical and genetic analysis. The new version is the culmination of years of software development.

Building on Viscovery's unique, patented technology for explorative analysis and statistical modeling of complex data, many of the new features emerged from the company's successful expansion into the life sciences. The Group comparison feature and the Cluster characteristics feature have proven to be particularly crucial for data-mining customers in bioscience and medical research.

Other improvements are designed to monitor process states, display images of clustered objects directly over the analytical model, and provide analytical features, such as a correlation- independent measure for the influence of individual attributes on a target attribute.

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"One of the things customers like most about the new release is that the identification of interesting attributes in very high-dimensional data comes with a multiple testing correction which helps avoid false positives, particularly when the data being analyzed contain thousands of variables," says Dr. Gerhard Kranner, CEO of Viscovery Software. "By revealing high-value insights, whether they are in customer analytics or biomarker identification, without the time and cost of traditional analysis, Viscovery gives organizations the ability to quickly and intuitively extract critical knowledge from complex data sets."

Viscovery version 6.0 is a full major release and is available immediately. Existing customers are already being upgraded. A free trial version is available at

Online demos for several applications are available at the company website