AbsolutData, a midsize competitor in Analytics Services market

I talked to AbsolutData CEO Dr. Anil Kaul about their Analytics Services, what makes them different from the competition, and current trends in the analytics marketplace.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jun 12, 2013.

AbsolutDataAbsolutData, Analytics Services provider

Founded in 2001 by CEO Dr. Anil Kaul, Sudeshna Datta and Suhale Kapoor, AbsolutData specializes in big data, high end business analytics, predictive modelling, reporting and data management services. The company works with retail, consumer goods, technology and hospitality companies, across US, Europe and Asia Pacific, enhancing their advanced and big data analytics capabilities, and helping them gain real time insights to increase profitability and growth.

AbsolutData has raised $20Min funding from Fidelity Growth Partners India in August 2012.

AbsolutData currently employs about 400 people, with HQ in San Francisco area, analytics delivery center in New Delhi, India and offices in Dubai and Singapore.

AbsolutData has many competitors in providing analytics services, most notably Mu Sigma and Opera Solutions, both of which also have major analytics centers in India and smaller offices in US and Europe.

Anil KaulDr. Anil Kaul has a PhD in marketing Analytics, and 16 years of experience in all aspects of analytics.

I asked him what makes AbsolutData different from Mu Sigma and Opera Solutions.

He told me that AbsolutData focus is on making a big impact and help the client to change the strategy. While Opera Solutions is focused on higher-end clients, and Mu Sigma focused on lower-end, high volume business, AbsolutData is in between. Their busines model is not project oriented, but about building an on-going capability for clients to leverage analytics effectively.

AbsolutData offers a large variety of analytics services, with a special emphasis on Marketing analytics, Pricing, Lifetime value, Segmentation, and Market Mix modeling. Absolutdata Analytics Offerings

R is the tool most frequently used - they went from a SAS shop to an R shop in the last few years.

Their clients include many large companies which have their own internal analytics team , but still hire AbsolutData for providing scale and skills they lack.

I asked Anil about trends he currently saw in Analytics.

"One trend is Social Analytics", he said, "where reporting is currently done well, but ROI and using social media for prediction are still a challenge."

A second trend is that analytics is increasingly used for direct action, such as adjusting pricing for hotels, airlines, etc. While in the past such decisions required human intervention, now they are frequently automated without involving a human in the loop.

Finally, a third trend is that analytics are now used for much smaller decisions, such as should promotion be run on monday or tuesday, run 5 or 6 days, etc.

This trend is enabled by increasing analytics automations where tools like KXENhelp create an "analytics factory".

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