Actuate BIRT Analytics adds Predictive Analytics

New features bring data to life through pattern detection, decision trees, and campaign workflow definition to effectively analyze data and execute campaigns

San Mateo, Calif., - June 18, 2013

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company™ - delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined, today announced the latest release of BIRT Analytics software specifically designed for business analysts. BIRT Analytics is the first product to enable advanced predictive analysis - through a variety of techniques - of data from any source. Companies who want the best combination of ease of use, analytic horsepower and ability to process billions of data points buy BIRT Analytics for their business analysts to make predictions without coding.

Adding to its already rich set of capabilities for business analyst-driven predictive analytics, BIRT Analytics 4.2 sports three new advanced features:

  • Association Rules for detecting purchase patterns over time (for instance in grocery receipts by and across customer segments);
  • Decision Tree, which allows prediction of outcomes based on decision paths; and Campaign Workflow to enable you to effectively execute campaigns based on the analysis, and set up a process to improve them based on analyzing the results.

Most products available today do only part of the predictive analytics job for specific audiences: A few perform simple discovery for select analysts; others are designed for statisticians who are trained to code predictive models. BIRT Analytics empowers business analysts to, independently, discover correlations and predict behaviors and outcomes through techniques like customer segmentation, next best offer and vendor risk or customer loyalty.

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