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Alteryx, BigML, and Skytree Analytics/Machine Learning in the cloud, and new companies, datasets, education, meetings, software, and blogs

Date: Jun 01, 2013

New entries for companies, datasets, education, faq, meetings, software, and blogs.

In Companies :: Cloud Analytics and SaaS

  • Alteryx, easy-to-use cloud-based analytics platform for enterprise companies.
  • BigML, offering Machine Learning for everyone.
  • Skytree, offering Skytree Server, high performance advanced analytics engine.

In Companies :: Consulting

  • InEdge, a consultancy specialized in Business Intelligence and Analytics for the Insurance Industry. Montreal/Toronto, Canada and New York, NY, USA.

In Datasets

  • Enigma, wants to be "Google for public data" and provide easy access to government, NGO, and other public domain datasets.
  • Open Source Sports, many sports databases, including Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey.

In Education :: Europe

In Education :: USA/Canada

  • CUNY SPS Online MS in Data Analytics: an affordable, accessible program designed to make sense of real-world phenomena and everyday activities by mining big data to uncover patterns, relationships, and trends. New York, NY, USA.

In Meetings

In Software :: Clustering and Segmentation

  • ELKI: Environment for Developing KDD-Applications Supported by Index-Structures.

In Software :: Suites

  • Alteryx, offering Strategic Analytics platform, including a free Project Edition version.
  • Dataiku (beta), a software platform for data science, statistics, guided machine learning and visualization capabilities, built on Open Source, Hadoop integration.
  • Xeno, InfoCentricity powerful, user-friendly online analytic platform, supporting segmentation, clustering, exploratory data analysis, and the development of highly predictive models.
  • Alteryx Project Edition, free version of Alteryx, delivers the data blending, analytics, and sharing capabilities of Alteryx with just enough allowed runs of your workflow to solve one business problem or to complete one project.

In Websites :: Blogs and News on Data Mining and Data Science