Automated Data Scientist? IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst

IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst is designed to allows non-statisticians to discover statistically interesting results in big data. It is a potentially significant milestone in making data analysis more widely available.

The IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst accelerates analytics by identifying key drivers from Big Data. It does so by automating portions of data cleansing and modeling, automatically interpreting results, with natural language explanations results, and presenting analyses with interactive visuals and natural language. IBM goal is to make statistical analysis, data mining and discovery on Big Data more accessible to business users.

The user goes thru a 3-step process

  • upload data
  • select the field to predict
  • click start and the system does all the processing automatically and presents the results, including the key drivers of prediction.

IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst screenshot

Here is a 9-minute demo.