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Big Data is the first peer-reviewed journal to address challenges and opportunities in making substantial amounts of information work to benefit society, industry, academia, and government. Check these new articles on Fast Track.

Check these Big Data JournalBig Data journal new articles on Fast Track:

Broad Data: Peta Vs. Meta
J. Hendler
The advent and growth of the World Wide Web has continually posed both challenges and opportunities to the information retrieval community.

Apache Drill:
Interactive Ad-Hoc Analysis at Scale

M. Hausenblas and J. Nadeau
Apache Drill is a distributed system for interactive ad-hoc analysis of large-scale datasets. Designed to handle up to petabytes of data spread across thousands of servers, the goal of Drill is to respond to ad-hoc queries in a low-latency manner. In this article, we introduce Drill's architecture, discuss its extensibility points, and put it into the context of the emerging offerings in the interactive analytics realm.

Unlocking the Power of Big Data at the National Institutes of Health
M.F. Coakley, M.R. Leerkes, J. Barnett, A.E. Gabrielian, K. Noble, M.N. Weber, and Y. Huyen
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases held a symposium entitled "Data Science: Unlocking the Power of Big Data" to create a forum for big data experts to present and share some of the creative and innovative methods to gleaning valuable knowledge from an overwhelming flood of biological data.

The Lessons Oscar Taught Us: Data Science and Media & Entertainment
M. Gold, R. McClarren, and C. Gaughan
Farsite Group, a data science firm based in Columbus, Ohio, launched a highly visible campaign in early 2013 to use predictive analytics to forecast the winners of the 85th Annual Academy Awards. This article explores the current and potential use cases for big data and predictive analytics in those industries.

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