Big collection of data sites, services, marketplaces and more

Here is a big collection of data services, data marketplaces, data search tools, social data sources, portals, platforms, sources for Government, NGO, local, and news data, and more.

Here is a big collection of sites and services for accessing data, published
by VisualingData, July 2013, which I reorganized for easier access. Check also KDnuggets Datasets and services directory.

DataServices and Marketplaces

Data Search Tools

Social Data

Government, NGO, and local data





  EU and OECD

  UN and International Organizations:

Portals and Platforms

Additional categories include:

  • Newspapers and Media
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Data-Related Movements
  • US-Specific Collections of Data Sources
  • Mapping
  • Transport/Travel
  • Weather
  • and Movies

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