MassTLC Big Data Summit Report: How Data Analytics Will Transform Our World

The MassTLC summit discussed connected cities, connected health, personalized medicine, and data mashups – how to derive customer value.

MassTLCMassTLC Big Data Summit, Quantified, Connected, Predictive: How Data Analytics Will Transform Our World, was held on June 27, 2013 at UMass Boston to a packed room of just under 300 attendees.

The highlights included:

  • Keynote by Martin Fleming, IBM Chief Economist and of the leaders of IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy development and execution, on the key factors in building a connected city. Here is the keynote video.

Following the keynote the audience broke off into 4 sessions:

  • Connected Health: How data will transform the physician and patient experience
  • Transportation: The future of getting from here to there
  • Personalized Medicine: using data to tailor individual treatment plans
  • Data Mashups: how to derive customer value

The Connected Health session agreed that the big challenge unique to healthcare is HIPAA. To access and analyze the data without patient approvals, the data has to be made anonymous. Next challenge is the variety of data in healthcare. Lastly, integrating the data and having a view of all data from disparate systems is critical to making sense of it to improve care. The audience agreed that if you can show REAL business value to the doctor and patient to help improve care and lower costs, access to the data and overcoming the security and integration issues will happen.

Here is the Connected Health session video.

The Data Mashups session focused on customer care – how to be aware of what your customer wants and needs and how data can provide you with those insights. Monitoring social media is not enough, service providers need to take action.

Another theme is to understand what the needs are and using data to streamline. Organizations must know the questions they want answered in order to create true value from the data.

Here is Data Mashups session video.

Here is a full report:

How Data Analytics Will Transform Our World , July 8, 2013.