Poll Results: Online Analytics certificates and MS degrees are popular

Latest KDnuggets Poll finds strong interest in online certificates and MS degrees in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science, even among those who already have graduate degrees.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jul 30, 2013.

EducationThe strong industry demand for people with Analytics and Big Data skills was certainly noticed by universities and other education providers, and generated a boom in analytics-related education options, including online, in US/Canada, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.

Many universities and companies are also preparing to offer certificates in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science.

Latest KDnuggets poll asked:

Are you interested in Analytics / Big Data / Data Mining / Data Science education ?

Of the 251 responders, 68% were interested in some form of online education, with most popular options being online certificates (49%), online MS degree (35%), and Ph.D. degree (27%) - currently offered only on-campus. Here are the poll results. The percentages add up to more than 100 since many voters were interested in more than one option.

Are you interested in Analytics / Big Data / Data Mining/ Data Science education ?
Yes, online certificates  49%
Yes, online MS degree  35%
Yes, Ph.D. degree  27%
Yes, on-campus MS degree  24%
Yes, on-campus certificates  6.4%
Yes, online BA degree  6.0%
Yes, on-campus BA degree  1.2%
No  6.4%

The current education of respondents was

  • Not yet BA, 5.6%
  • BA, 34%
  • MS, 43%
  • PhD or other postgraduate degree, 18%

Interestingly, the education breakdown of people interested in analytics-related online certificates was almost the same - even many people with graduate degrees are interested in online certificates.

  • Not yet BA, 2.4%
  • BA, 33%
  • MS, 45%
  • PhD, 19%

Among people interested in online Analytics-related MS degree, more people with BA and current MS degrees are interested, as expected. The education breakdown was

  • Not yet BA, 3.4%
  • BA, 53%
  • MS, 36%
  • PhD, 7.9%

The regional breakdown of respondents was

  • US/Canada, 53%
  • Europe, 20%
  • Asia, 19%
  • Latin America, 5.6%
  • Other, 3.2%

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