Data Mining / Analytic Software News, Jul 2013

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  • KnowledgeMiner Insights OS X: Self-Organizing, Cost-Sensitive, Data Modeling - Jul 31, 2013.
    New features include purpose-driven, self-organizing, cost-sensitive modeling from imbalanced data sets which allow building cost-optimized classification models in an easy and automated way, particularly useful in biotech, medicine, life sciences, and chemistry.
  • Big collection of data sites, services, marketplaces and more - Jul 25, 2013.
    Here is a big collection of data services, data marketplaces, data search tools, social data sources, portals, platforms, sources for Government, NGO, local, and news data, and more.
  • ILNumerics: High Performance Math Library for C# and .NET - Jul 25, 2013.
    ILNumerics is a numerical library for .NET that turns C# into a 1st class mathematical language, with a Matlab-like high-level syntax, high performance, and 2D/3D visualization features. Free Community Edition (GPL).
  • Textalytics Industry Specific Text Mining APIs - Jul 24, 2013.
    The Core API filters words based on syntax (noun, verb, article) to extract the key words of a document, while Media Analysis API pinpoints buying signals in social conversations and identifies customers sentiment.
  • Provalis Research QDA Miner 4.1 and SimStat 2.6 Text Mining Software - Jul 23, 2013.
    The unique integration of QDA Miner (for easy-to-use qualitative analysis), SimStat (for statistical analysis and bootstrapping) and WordStat (for text-mining and quantitative content-analysis), allows researchers to integrate numerical and text data into a single project.
  • Alteryx Strategic Analytics, free version - Jul 18, 2013.
    Download Alteryx Strategic Analytics, Project Edition (free version) and get instant analytics, including statistical, predictive, and spatial - with any data, from spreadsheets to Big Data, with an easy to use visual workflow.
  • TheWebMiner data extraction and web data mining tool - Jul 15, 2013.
    TheWebMiner has a simple interface designed for regular users, who send samples of items they want to extract and the engine tries to understand samples and give back all items with the same structure.
  • DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R - Jul 14, 2013.
    Check an early stage beta, which offers an in-browser coding environment, exercise-based learning-by-doing, and aims to build a fun learning experience for data analysis and R, while allowing anyone to create courses! Enroll in the "Summer of R"
  • LIONbook tutorial: Lazy Machine Learning - Nearest Neighbors - Jul 2, 2013.
    This charming and short tutorial examines a sample application of the Nearest Neighbors machine learning techniques in LionSolver to the problem of estimating the energy efficiency of a house.