Top US Cities for Big Data Jobs

We examine the top US Cities/Regions for Big Data jobs and find that Washington DC is now in the second place behind Silicon Valley. Big Data jobs and Government?

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jul 11, 2013.

Dice has conducted a very interesting study comparing the overall US tech jobs and jobs focusing on Big Data.

Big Data Over/Under

July 2013: Big Data Sprawl

The top cities/regions in their list are
– Silicon Valley, 25%
– New York City, 12%
– Washington, D.C./Baltimore, 11%
– Boston, 7%
– Seattle, 6%
– Los Angeles, 5%
– Chicago, 5%
– Atlanta, 3%
– Philadelphia, 3%
– Dallas 2.5%

We note that Silicon Valley, Boston, and Seattle have the highest over-representation of Big Data Jobs.

However, searching for “Big Data” jobs on Dice on July 11 gives only 1453 jobs, with 140 in New York City.

We get many more Big Data jobs on Indeed: 8099 jobs as of July 11.

Furthermore, searches should also include neighboring areas (for example Boston jobs should also include Cambridge, and Seattle should also include Bellevue),

We used search with a distance of 25 miles to count the number of “Big Data” jobs.

Here is our adjusted list of top areas for Big Data according to

– Silicon Valley, CA, 1495 jobs, 18%
– Washington, DC area, 807 jobs, 10%
– New York, NY area, 702 jobs, 8.7%
– Seattle/Bellevue area, WA, 609 jobs, 7.5%
– Boston, MA area 526 jobs, 6.5%
– Los Angeles, CA area, 245 jobs, 3.0%
– Chicago, IL area, 175 jobs, 2.2%
– Atlanta, GA area, 165 jobs, 2.0%
– Austin, TX 145 jobs, 1.8%
– San Diego, CA, 143 jobs, 1.8%

The main difference is that DC area slightly edges NYC area for 2nd place, Seattle edges Boston, and Austin and San Diego have more Big Data jobs than Philadelphia and Dallas.

A similar distribution is obtained from KDnuggets jobs page, with top areas for 2013 jobs:

  • Silicon Valley, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Seattle, WA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Washington, DC