Kaggle GE Flight Quest 2 Competition: Optimization Of Flight Patterns

This competition goes beyond predictive modeling and delves into the optimization of the flight patterns that participants were asked to predict in the first contest.

GE Flight Quest 2GE Flight Quest 2

Advancements in real-time big data analysis are changing the course of flight as we know it. Imagine if the pilot could augment their decision-making process with “real time business intelligence” – information available in the cockpit that would allow them to make adjustments to their flight patterns.

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it:

Use the different data sets to develop a usable and scalable algorithm that delivers a real-time flight profile to the pilot, helping them make flights more efficient and reliably on time.

The algorithm will then be run in a Simulator, which computes the total cost of the flights routed according to that algorithm, and lowest cost wins.

Those who have participated in Flight Quest 1 may already be familiar with the data, but the competition will be long enough to let newcomers catch up.

Prize: $250,000.

Final model deadline: Dec 18, 2013.

To participate and for more information, visit www.gequest.com/c/flight2 .