KDD-2013 NodeXL Twitter Social Network, updated

Here is an updated version of NodeXL Twitter Social network for KDD-2013, a premier conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. We examine the top nodes, topics, and clusters.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Aug 14, 2013.

Here is an updated version a Twitter Social network for KDD-2013 Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the leading conference in the field, which was held on Aug 11-14, 2013 in Chicago, IL.

The network is based on about 500 tweets containing kdd2013 or kdd13 from Aug 8 to 14, 2013 and was created by Marc Smith, @marc_smith, Sociologist of computer-mediated collective action at Connected Action and Director of Social Media Research Foundation using NodeXL, a free, open-source template for Microsoft Excel.

KDD-2013 Twitter Social Network

Check the full-size and interactive versions at bit.ly/17NBYsQ.

Top 10 twitter nodes, Ranked by Betweenness Centrality by NodeXL:

  • @kdnuggets, Gregory Piatetsky, Editor of KDnuggets, SIGKDD Chair 2005-9, co-founder of KDD Conferences
  • @xamat, Xavier Amatriain, Netflix director (gave a popular talk at KDD-2013)
  • @kdd, KDD main twitter account
  • @kdd_news, KDD News
  • @venusatuluri, Venu Satuluri, Twitter Engineer
  • @dirkvandenpoel, Dirk Van den Poel, Professor of Marketing Analytics, Ghent U.
  • @francescobonchi, Francesco Bonchi, Sr. Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research Barcelona, presented KDD-13 paper
  • @zementis, Zementis (Michael Zeller is CEO of Zementis, one of organizers of PMML workshop and newly elected SIGKDD Treasurer
  • @usamaf, Usama Fayyad, Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, Tech/Online Investor, SIGKDD Chair 2009-13, co-founder of KDD conferences.
  • @jeremyphoward, Jeremy Howard, CTO of Kaggle

Top URLs in the graph

Cluster G1 Top Words: kdd2013 rt kdnuggets data andrewyng kaggle coursera co-founder jeremyphoward

Cluster G2 Top Words: kdd2013 rt kdd_news data usamaf paper yahoolabs best award chicago

Cluster G3 Top Words: kdd2013 rt kdd_news bigdata data pmml dirkvandenpoel datamining zementis workshop

Cluster G4 Top Words: kdd2013 rt xamat slides talk keynote people via sam_shah venusatuluri

Cluster G5 Top Words: kdd2013 chicago rt kdd13 matrix lounge see attend _secretstache_ microsoft

Cluster G6 Top Words: kdd2013 rt data topic great bilgicm papers today workshop kdnuggets

Cluster G7 Top Words: kdd2013 30 rt datascifellows fellows dssg data 5 come meet

See much more detail at https://nodexlgraphgallery.org/Pages/Graph.aspx?graphID=6729