Seeking Academic partnerships: NLP, Machine Learning, Data Mining in Healthcare

Are you a grad student/postdoc with a interesting research proposal on NLP, machine learning or data mining in healthcare? Industry partner wants to talk.

SeekerSeekerSolutions Academic Partnerships

Are you a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow with an interesting research proposal related to natural language processing, machine learning or data mining in the health informatics domain? Are you looking for an industry partner? If so, Seeker wants to speak with you.

The goal of our research program is to find new methods of linking subjective health assessments to clinical indicators in order to advance evidence-based care. We seek to unite information from health researchers, care givers and patients in order to identify more effective and personalized pathways to affordable and positive health outcomes.

Please see our Academic Partnerships page for information related to some of our more recent projects.

Seeker is looking to sponsor projects that are related to our core research to develop new methods for improving health outcomes. We are interested in partnering with graduate students and researchers through programs such as Mitacs Accelerate, Mitacs Elevate, and NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowships.

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