Webinar: Credit Scorecard Development

Join this webinar to learn how to create automated and scalable credit scoring processes, close-the-loop on risk data, and design and deploy origination and behaviour scorecards.

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Credit Scorecard Development

Thursday, September 26th
11:00am EST / 4:00pm GMT

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Credit Scorecard Development

Improving your credit decisioning and risk management processes is ever more critical in today's regulatory and consumer-driven economy.

Credit analysts and risk managers need closed-loop processes and tools to meet requirements while optimizing revenue growth.

Join us for a complimentary webinar, Credit Scorecard Development, led by Dr. Mamdouh Refaat, industry expert and Chief Data Scientist.

Register to learn how to:

  • Create automated and scalable credit scoring processes
  • Close-the-loop on risk data to deliver continuous insight
  • Design and deploy origination and behaviour scorecards
  • Comply with regulatory mandates with transparency

Please share with your colleagues, and join us on September 26th.

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Credit Scorecard Development

Thursday, September 26, 2013

11:00am EST / 4:00pm GMT


Featured Speaker:
Dr. Mamdouh Refaat
Chief Data Scientist

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