Datameer Smart Analytics for Hadoop

New self-service data mining functionality lets business users find patterns and relationships in their data without a data scientist.

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 30, 2013 - Empowering business users to find insights in their data even faster, DatameerDatameer announced the public availability of Datameer Smart Analytics, an optional data mining add-on for Datameer 3.0. Extending the self-service functionality of its data integration, analytics and visualization application for Hadoop, Smart Analytics let non-technical users apply popular data mining algorithms to find patterns and explore relationships in their data.

A free trial of Datameer 3.0 with Smart Analytics is available at

Using an instant, interactive visual preview, users can drag-and-drop different data attributes to interactively explore patterns, determine relationships and even build recommendations. Datameer abilities include:

  • Clustering automatically groups data by identifying and measuring similarities in the data.
  • The Decision Tree automatically identifies and weights the different combinations of data attributes that lead to a user-defined desired outcome.
  • Column Dependency compares data attribute combinations and visually indicates the strength of each attribute's correlation with the others.
  • The Recommendation function calculates how likely it is a person will be interested in something based on historical data from similar users.

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