Explore Analytics offers Data Visualization in the cloud

Explore Analytics is a self-service BI tool that lets you access, explore, analyze, and instantly create interactive visualizations and dashboards to share with your team.

Explore AnalyticsExplore Analytics is a cloud-based service for interactive data analysis and visualization. Use it to analyze your data and discover the main factors and trends that explain the performance of your business.

You can upload files, import Google spreadsheets, or connect directly to your database or application wherever it resides - in the cloud or your private network.

You can then explore your data - Slice-and-dice your data using powerful yet easy Pivot views. Visualize your data by mapping, trending, categorizing, and finding relationships using world-class visualizations that are interactive and animated.

Finally, share your insights by publishing reports and dashboards. Let your team members participate in the exploration by interacting and even modifying the reports that you share with them.

You can try it for free, or subscribe via low-cost monthly options ($25/month or $150/year) at www.exploreanalytics.com/