KDnuggets Cartoon: Next Trend after Big Data

New KDnuggets cartoon looks at the next trend that will follow Big Data.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Sep 18, 2013. c comments

New KDnuggets cartoon from Ted Goff takes a less than serious look at what will replace the "Big Data" as the next hot trend:

Analyst, looking at "Bog Data" charts:

It's amazing how we have transformed the industry as a result of my typo.

KDnuggets Cartoon: Next Trend after Big Data: Bog Data

What are the 3 "H"-s of "Bog" Data?

  • Hip
  • Hype
  • Hummus

@BigDataBorat comment on this cartoon:

  • Many #bigdata project better explain in 3 D model: 1st is Development, next is Deployment, final is Disappointment

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